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Indiana PA Community-Display Advertising

We're Looking For A Few Good Ads!

Advertising on the Indiana PA Community Website is the best value that you will find anywhere around the area. We have top placement in the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. We have over 615 unique viewers monthly and average over 5,500 viewed pages monthly as well. Our numbers have been growing exponentially on a daily basis.

As a local community website, our visitors are local to the area and looking for local information, local news, local entertainment, etcetera. If you are a local business, it only makes sense to advertise to our local visitors and members. We DARE you to compare our prices to any of our local competitors! The cost of a single display ad in any of the local printed media which would run for a few days or one month could buy you several months or more of advertising on our site. In addition if you have a web presence, your display ad on our site can lead to the immediate action of going to your website. Try that with print ad displays! No trying to remember your website address or searching for a pen or pencil and paper.

We offer display advertising on every page of our website, however unlike many websites that you may have visited, we do not overwhelm our visitors with ads. Each page has a limited number of ads, so your ad won't get lost with a gazillion others.

Display Advertising Options

Display Advertising Ads:
Display advertising are the ads that you see on every page on the website. For each page, we offer one top banner ad (IAB 468x60) and two side banner ads (one IAB 120x90, 120x60 or 120x240 and one IAB 125x125). Click here to see examples of these placements. These display ads are rotational ads. This means that for each page the ad placement for each ad size is drawn from a pool of ads on a rotational basis for display. Each time a visitor clicks on a link and a new page is viewed, the ads that are shown will be the next ads in the rotation.

Your display ad includes a link that is activated when a visitor clicks on your ad that will open in a new window at a destination of your choosing such as your website. If you do not have a web presence to click to, we can deactivate the link so that no action is taken upon a click of your ad or we also have an optional single web page that we can host on our site for you at an additional cost.

Display Ad Pricing:

Display size 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 1 year
Banner (468x60) $40 $38 $36 $30
Leaderboard Banner (728X90) $45 $43 $41 $35
Side Banner (120x60) $30 $28 $26 $20
Side Banner (120x90) $30 $28 $26 $20
Side Banner (120x240) $35 $33 $31 $25
Side Banner (125x125) $30 $28 $26 $20
Free standard ad creation with 1 year term
All prices are per month (Your Total Cost = Months x Rate).
Display Advertising must be paid in full for the term.

We also offer the following a la carte service for your ads:

  1. Change orders (change your ad) which is great to update your live band schedule, events or movie listings.
  2. Display Ad creation
  3. Single web page hosted on our site for more information (Can be used as your clickable link from your ad if you don't have a web site)

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