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Indiana PA Community-Hog Fathers Restaurant Review

Hog Fathers Restaurant Review

Perkins family restaurant Hog Fathers
1669 Oakland Ave
Indiana, PA 15701
(724) 349-5009

Visited: Sunday, March 15, 2009 for lunch

Pricing - Moderate


Considering that this restaurant is a remodeled AAmco car garage, we would have to say that they have a done a wonderful job transforming this facility into a BBQ restaurant. It has a traditional BBQ feel to it. It is open, airy, clean and has a nice color scheme. There were nice appropriate wall ornaments. It has a sit down eating bar that is open to the kitchen. There are also both booths and tables for seating.


Upon walking in, we were a little confused as to whether we should seat ourselves or wait to be seated as there wasn't anyone there to greet or seat us upon entering, nor was there a sign to tell us. However, a hostess came and greeted us quickly before we had a chance to make a decision. We were seated at a booth and the Hostess gave us the menus and said she would be right back with place settings and would take our drink order if the waitress didn't take them before she got back. She returned with our rolled silverware and cocktail napkins for our drinks and she then offered to take our drink orders.

We ordered ice tea, one sweetened and one unsweetened with lemon. The hostess brought our drinks promptly along with wrapped straws, but without spoons. The waitress came quickly after that. We ordered a Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich and a 1/2 rack of ribs and a side of onion straws. The waitress informed me that I could have two side orders with my ribs for only $2.00 more, because it was on special. She offered to include the onion straws that we had just ordered as one of the those sides if I'd like to order another. I took advantage of the special and ordered some garlic mashed potatoes.

We were served our meals in 10 minutes. We noticed that the waitstaff is very friendly to one another and since they don't use serving trays, they all help each other serving food to a table. After being served, the waitress said that she would be right back with a bowl and extra napkins and asked if we needed anything else. She immediately came back with those items and explained that the bowl was for my bones.

The waitress was attentive, but not overburdening. We noticed that she visually checked on us often and physically came to the table to check on us as well. During our meal another hostess (possibly an owner) also checked on us too.

When we were done with our meal and heading for the door, we were amazed that our waitress went to door and held it open for us and wished us a good day. As we were taking pictures for the review, we also noticed that another waitress opened and held the door for other patrons as they were entering.


One of the first things that we noticed while looking through the menu was inconsistency regarding side orders. Some entrees listed side orders while others did not.

As mentioned earlier, we ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich (also offered as a "wrap"), 1/2 rack of Baby Back Ribs, Onion Straws and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. The Chicken Sandwich was a deep fried chicken breast served on a corn dusted bun with fresh lettuce, tomato, grated cheese and ranch BBQ dressing. Everything was fresh and "delicious."

The 1/2 rack of ribs (also available in a "Sampler" and full rack size) was 8 ribs, smothered in a tangy BBQ sauce. The meat was very tender and pretty much fell off the bone, just the way it should be. Unlike most of the BBQ places around this area, the BBQ sauce was tangy instead of sweet which I personally like better, however I also like to have a spicy sauce alternative.

The garlic mashed potatoes were topped with fresh chopped chives/green onions. There was no doubt as to them being garlic flavored, but did lack any salt.

The Onion Straws must be exclusive to Hog Fathers as we have never heard of them. We were in love with them before we left. Essentially, these are thinly sliced and breaded onions served with a ranch BBQ dressing. The dressing is similar to Onion Blossom dressing, but not with the heavier horseradish taste.

We didn't have any desserts, however we saw them being served and they looked delicious. We also heard comments from others eating them that confirmed that they were as good as they looked.


Hog Fathers BBQ is new to the area and we were definitely impressed. We would highly recommend that you should go to this family oriented restaurant. If your experience was anything like ours, you'll enjoy a nice atmosphere in a clean place with great food and service.

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