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Indiana PA Community-FAQ

This is our FAQ page.

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Q: What is an FAQ

A: An FAQ is just another acronym for Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an acronym?

A: acronym (as in "form") n. : a word formed from the initial letters of a multi-word name

Q: Why should I register?

A: When you register, you become a part of the "IN" crowd of the Indiana PA Community Website. Being part of the "IN" crowd makes you feel good! In addition to making you feel good, once you are registered you can:
  1. Place ads in our Classifieds
  2. Contact the seller of an item in a classified ads listing
  3. Add a listing to your "favorites" to easily find the ad again

Q: When I register, why do you ask for my personal information?

A: Registration requires you to provide certain Personally Identifiable Information, such as your name, address, phone number, email address. We take security and privacy of your personal information in high reqard. Your personal information is never viewable to the public by us except your user name in a classified ad. Your information is gathered for two reasons:
  1. To assist us in deterring SPAMMERS
  2. For us to be able to contact you if needed regarding any classified ad or your account

Q: Does it cost anything to register?

A: Registration is free and includes the many benefits listed above

Q: I tried to place an ad in a category and it wouldn't let me. Why?

A: Most likely, you tried to place an ad in a category that has subcategories under it. In a case like that, you must place your ad in the most appropriate subcategory. Example: An ad selling a Boxer dog would go in the category "Animals" and the subcategory "Pets"

Q: It says you have free classifieds, but I went to post an ad and it wanted to charge me. What's up with that?

A: Many classified ads are free for personal use! We offer free classified ads in all categories except for Services which is obviously not for personal use. After you choose a category for your classified ad, then choose a free listing package available for that category. Obviously, we also offer paid ads for all categories as well.

Q: When I was placing my classified ad, it showed me these packages. what are these packages?

A: Packages are the type of classified ad that you would like to place. The packages will vary depending on what category that you have selected to place your ad. Usually, the first package that you see will be a free text ad. Other package examples would be things like, "Single Photo Ad" or "Three Photo Ad"

Q: I went to place my ad and at the bottom it had these other things, Featured and Highlighted. What are those?

A: Those are ad upgrade features. Many people like the option to stand out from the rest of the ads and that is what these will do for you. Here is an explanation of what each of these upgrades are:
  • Featured: A "Featured ad" will list in the top of a list of ads and will also be highlighted.
  • Highlighted: This will make the background of your ad look like it is highlighted, similar to taking a highlight marker across the text on the page of a book. *A "Featured" ad listing is already highlighted, so do not select both upgrades.

Q: I already registered. Do I have to buy a membership to place a classified ad now?

A: Absolutely NOT! Memberships are for Business users and Non-Profit Organizations use. We offer memberships for high volume customers and it works almost like a subscription service. A membership is for a limited amount of time, like 30 days or a year. A membership may offer a specific number of ads within the set time frame as well as certain upgraded features and/or packages not otherwise available.

Q: How do I pay for a membership, upgraded or paid ad?

A: You make a payment to us online through PayPal. PayPal is one of the most widely accepted online payment methods. It is secure and you DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER to pay with your credit card or debit card. If you are a PayPal member, then you can use any method of payment that you have activated in your account such as an echeck, direct debit of your bank account, etc.

Q: How do I contact the seller of an item I am interested in?

A: Fill out the "Contact Seller" form at the bottom of the classified ad. We use this method of contact to protect the personal information of the seller as well as a preventitive deterrent to SPAM. If you don't see the "Contact Seller" form, then you aren't logged in. You must be registered and logged in in order to contact a seller.

Q: I don't see a "Contact Seller" form at the bottom of any ads. What's wrong?

A: You must be logged in to use the "Contact Seller" form. Of course, you must also be registered to log in.

Q: I received a notice that my free ad was about to expire. It said that it costs $1.00 to renew it. Can't I just place the free ad again?

A: Yes, of course you can simply place another free text ad. The $1.00 charge is a convenience fee to be able to simply renew the ad without having to recreate it from scratch. If your item didn't sell prior to renewing, we would suggest that you consider the asking price of your item, perhaps changing your description, or upgrading your ad with highlighting or featuring it.

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